I look at my past and the decisions that I’ve made

I’ve made so many mistakes because of the stupid games that I’ve played

But it’s time to buckle down, yes I’m ready for a change

I’ve got a few priorities in my life that I want to rearrange

Focus is a must, especially when you’re chasing after your dreams

When you start to climb you notice the top is higher than it seems

So I got a little lazy, and decided to take a break

But I know I have to keep it pushin, I’ve got way too much at stake

The sad thing is that I got comfortable because I wasn’t in last place

But I can’t continue to remain complacent, it’s about time I pick up the pace

And it’s horrible how most people change when it’s way too late

But I’m gonna jump the gun so I can determine my own fate

I can rest when I’m dead, so I’ll work harder now instead

So when others are in bed, that’s when I’ll make my move ahead

I’m tired of ordinary, I’m searching for unique

Failure is played out, success is what I seek

But maybe I’m too weak? It’s about time that I get strong

The fire has been ignited that I’ve had inside me all along…



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