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to the TOP

Everyone’s aiming for the top, a feat that not everyone will get

But me? I’m addicted to success, it’s the nicotine to my cigarette

And still I fail sometimes, which throws me off track

But my basketball-like ambition always keeps me bouncin right back

Haters love it when I fall, then get on they’re job when I rise

Giving me false encouragement and some how making me believe all their lies

They get me when I least expect it, so now I’m down, but not out

Cause I get right back up, wipe them tears, and ignore all the doubts

The trick is to stay focused, distractions they only distract

And when life gives you a little trouble, it’s all about how you react

The key is to seperate, and only mind what really matters

And never stop climbing, success is a never-ending ladder….


The End of an Era

With their loss last night, the Los Angeles Lakers era came to an end. As Phil Jackson sat in his high chair on the bench for the last time, the Lakers reign as the consensus numberwon came to an end. After being swept by the Mavericks, the organization must look to improve the aging team. Mitch Kupchak, the general manager, will have to work the trading block in order to put the Lakers back into contention. With only a couple productive years left in Kobe‘s tired legs, the window is closing. Dwight Howard is the answer for the Lakers and Title Seventeen.