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Harder than Hardworking

” Work hard enough so that at the end of the day you won’t have any regrets”




I look at my past and the decisions that I’ve made

I’ve made so many mistakes because of the stupid games that I’ve played

But it’s time to buckle down, yes I’m ready for a change

I’ve got a few priorities in my life that I want to rearrange

Focus is a must, especially when you’re chasing after your dreams

When you start to climb you notice the top is higher than it seems

So I got a little lazy, and decided to take a break

But I know I have to keep it pushin, I’ve got way too much at stake

The sad thing is that I got comfortable because I wasn’t in last place

But I can’t continue to remain complacent, it’s about time I pick up the pace

And it’s horrible how most people change when it’s way too late

But I’m gonna jump the gun so I can determine my own fate

I can rest when I’m dead, so I’ll work harder now instead

So when others are in bed, that’s when I’ll make my move ahead

I’m tired of ordinary, I’m searching for unique

Failure is played out, success is what I seek

But maybe I’m too weak? It’s about time that I get strong

The fire has been ignited that I’ve had inside me all along…


The Eye of the Storm

I’ve been through this already, I thought that I was done

I feel as if I’m fighting a battle that I’ve already won

I told my self it was over, the storm had finally ceased

But for some reason the strength of the storm decided to increase

So I’m sitting here confused, trying to figure out the cause

I’ve been working so hard to cover all of my flaws

It was all just lies, as I look up to the skies

I open my eyes, and suddenly I begin to realize

I was only in the middle, so I had way much more to go

So it became dull, which once had a glow

My journey is far from over, wish it were a lie

The storm was not over, I was just trapped in the eye…


Give thanks. Don’t forget what you are grateful for. No matter what you are going through, someone out there has it worse than you. Be thankful for all that you have, whether its friends, family, or health. Each day, be grateful to have the opportunity to live and experience life. If you aren’t thankful, you’ll never be happy with what you get. When everything is going against you; stay strong and always be appreciative. Things will get better, the darkness will go away, and you will get through it. Often times, people don’t know what they have until its gone; don’t make that mistake.

New People.

People walk in and out of our lives everyday. The length of time a certain person stays in your life is what varies. Every new person you meet has a distinct personality that makes them original. First impressions are not good measures of compatibility because your first thoughts are completely subjective. You base your first opinion of a person by his or her appearance, and the things you’ve heard about them. To truly understand the person behind the stereotypical mask, you must talk to them. Find out what these new people are about, what they’ve been through, and what their aspirations are. Stop judging people, educate yourself, and create friendships.