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Leaders don’t follow the pack. Leaders make their own choices and create new legacies. Leaders are different. Leaders aren’t afraid to go against the grain. When everything is going bad, that is when leaders are at their best. While everyone¬†panics, they are poised. To be a leader, you have to be able to handle blame, fight through adversity, and bring your team together. Leaders step up in the toughest of times and bring their teammates with them. The leader doesn’t have to be the best player, but rather the one with the strongest mind and the most heart. Leaders are the ones who want it the most and will not take no for an answer. If your swag is heavy enough, you will have followers.



Defeat, it hurts.

Not in a physical way, but rather in a gut-wrenching way.

Mentally down with nothing left to give,

Falling down the ladder of success.

Giving up seems like the best option,

At least, this way, there will be no more losing.

Nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide,

What will I do next?

The pain lingers as time passes,

The day remains dark.

But to get over the wall of failure,

I must break to build.

Rid the mind and soul of all things lost,

Except for the lessons each taught.

The pain is temporary,

Through perseverance the hurting stops.

Each defeat, each lesson,

Leads to a stronger foundation.

Those that get through the rough,

Make it to the top of the ladder.

Failure after failure leads to success,

Which is where I will be.

Focus on the positives,

Mind over


Mind over