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to the TOP

Everyone’s aiming for the top, a feat that not everyone will get

But me? I’m addicted to success, it’s the nicotine to my cigarette

And still I fail sometimes, which throws me off track

But my basketball-like ambition always keeps me bouncin right back

Haters love it when I fall, then get on they’re job when I rise

Giving me false encouragement and some how making me believe all their lies

They get me when I least expect it, so now I’m down, but not out

Cause I get right back up, wipe them tears, and ignore all the doubts

The trick is to stay focused, distractions they only distract

And when life gives you a little trouble, it’s all about how you react

The key is to seperate, and only mind what really matters

And never stop climbing, success is a never-ending ladder….



‎”There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”


I look at my past and the decisions that I’ve made

I’ve made so many mistakes because of the stupid games that I’ve played

But it’s time to buckle down, yes I’m ready for a change

I’ve got a few priorities in my life that I want to rearrange

Focus is a must, especially when you’re chasing after your dreams

When you start to climb you notice the top is higher than it seems

So I got a little lazy, and decided to take a break

But I know I have to keep it pushin, I’ve got way too much at stake

The sad thing is that I got comfortable because I wasn’t in last place

But I can’t continue to remain complacent, it’s about time I pick up the pace

And it’s horrible how most people change when it’s way too late

But I’m gonna jump the gun so I can determine my own fate

I can rest when I’m dead, so I’ll work harder now instead

So when others are in bed, that’s when I’ll make my move ahead

I’m tired of ordinary, I’m searching for unique

Failure is played out, success is what I seek

But maybe I’m too weak? It’s about time that I get strong

The fire has been ignited that I’ve had inside me all along…



It stops everything, doesn’t let you achieve your goals, and hinders your growth as a human being. Fear leaves you with an empty feeling. How can you ever accomplish your goals if you keep letting fear get in the way? Stop being scared. If you never try to conquer your fears, you have a zero percent chance of success. There truly is no reason to be afraid, what’s the worst that could happen? If you fail, get back up and figure out a new plan. Without an effort, you will never know what is possible. Fear is only a state of mind, and once you get out of that, you will truly realize your full potential.

Startup Business

Inspiration comes from everywhere. As you live your life, you are constantly  exposed to a world of ideas. To truly build a new successful business, you must know what you want to provide. Whether  influenced by your own thoughts or those of others, the product your business will distribute must be useful and profitable. With the idea in place, you should make a good number of startup products, though maybe imperfect, to get going. At this point, advertising is key. Get your company out everywhere; make fliers, post ads, create websites promoting your product. The higher the number of people exposed to your product, the higher the number of possible buyers. As you begin selling more, learn from your buyers. Talk to them about their experience with your product and ideas for refining it. Soon enough, your product will be perfect. With the right ideas, marketing skills, and customer input, your business will thrive. Stop wasting type and GET INSPIRED.


Defeat, it hurts.

Not in a physical way, but rather in a gut-wrenching way.

Mentally down with nothing left to give,

Falling down the ladder of success.

Giving up seems like the best option,

At least, this way, there will be no more losing.

Nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide,

What will I do next?

The pain lingers as time passes,

The day remains dark.

But to get over the wall of failure,

I must break to build.

Rid the mind and soul of all things lost,

Except for the lessons each taught.

The pain is temporary,

Through perseverance the hurting stops.

Each defeat, each lesson,

Leads to a stronger foundation.

Those that get through the rough,

Make it to the top of the ladder.

Failure after failure leads to success,

Which is where I will be.

Focus on the positives,

Mind over


Mind over


Who are you?

In the business world, YOU have to stand out. There are thousands of men and women who are as qualified as YOU. To truly maximize YOUR potential YOU must be able to develop relationships, and a lot of them. Be social when YOU are out and create a positive image of YOURSELF. Whether it is the janitor in the elevator or the CEO, YOU must treat everybody equally and with respect. The relationships YOU create will go a long way because you never know who you will need in the future. Once you get YOUR opportunity, make it wonderful. Lead and Succeed.


The more I think about it, the more I realize the truth. We all have dreams. We all want more in life. Often, we try so hard to achieve what we feel  will make us “successful” that we forget about the world we live in. People focus so much on constantly working towards their goals that they fail to enjoy the moment. As the days go by, we forget to be happy. Happiness loses its value, becomes somewhat of an afterthought. Success is nothing without joy in life, without people to love. As I think about it more, Success is Happiness.